Jun 17th, 15:02pm
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#I have a glasses thing. #Don't you judge me 

Going through the hannibal cosplay tag and chinhand-ing at all the Wills.

Jun 17th, 13:56pm
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#good face 


Will Graham cosplay by me :V

Well, somebody’s a cutie.

Jun 11th, 4:29am
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#enjoying strikethroughs way too much also 

Realizing my penchant for playing doctors.

Jun 11th, 4:13am
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LOVE the Hannibal cosplay! Love from another fannibal. <3

Oh anon, you’re making me blush.

Jun 10th, 18:42pm
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#omegle #hannibal cosplay #Hannibal 

Parading my face and shitty lighting in the Hannibal tag on Omegle.
Come find me.

Jun 10th, 15:19pm
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I should have called that roleplay “roaming charges”.

God dammit.

Having fun is not illegal.
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